Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Facebook Just Changed Your Email Address Without Even Asking You-Here's How to Fix It

You may have heard (or read) that Facebook just changed your email address without even asking you — and in a way it did — but the whole thing's not quite as scary or dramatic as it might sound. And you can easily fix things with a few clicks.
 What happened?
You see, what happened is that the email address — or in some cases, addresses — displayed on your Facebook profile was changed from whatever it was to your Facebook email address. (Your Facebook email address consists of whatever is at the end of your Facebook URL slapped in front of @facebook.com.
For most people, this is pretty darn annoying as all the mail they receive at the Facebook email address winds up in their regular Facebook inbox. Based on a quick survey of friends and colleagues, it seems that this is inconvenient to a majority, as they prefer to receive their email in ... you know, their actual email inboxes.
 So how do I fix this?
All you have to do is open up your profile page (hit the "About" button under your personal info), scroll down to the "Contact Info" box, and hit the "Edit" button. There you can toggle who can see which email address and whether it is displayed on your Timeline or not.
If you're not a fan of receiving your email in your Facebook inbox, I suggest hiding that address and simply making the one you favor visible.

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