Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day 2012: Carlos M. Cox 1933 - 2008

It is Father's Day again and I ponder my relationship with my father. Gone now these last four years and many is the time I have thought to call and consult him, just to sadly remember; he's no longer there.
But, I can still smile remembering how he loved me to his last days.
Thanks Daddy.

My father raised me with a stern front. He was firm but fair. I am a better man for being his son.
By his bare logic and his stark truths I give him the credit for the following in my life:
I have never been in jail.
I have never been sued.
I owe no man anything.
I have earned my way and never collected unemployment or a government check.
I give my word sparingly; break it and it is forever flawed. 
I've always paid my taxes.
I have never struck a woman.
Nor have I ever cheated on my spouse.
A handshake is as good as a signature.
I vote.
There is more but this gets the point across I hope.
My father the Reverend Carlos Monroe Cox 1933 - 2008
I will forever miss the man, my Dad.
More of what kind of a man my father was:
Dad's Desperate Wisdom
A true short story I've written about my father and how he saved his family from a terrible fate. 

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  1. all this is so true, I miss daddy so much and regret the times I could have seen him and didn't. Too many memories around fathers day, it makes me want to cry. Thanks for writing this big brother, as always your words are best.