Friday, June 1, 2012

A Couple Things about Katt's Taxi Drivers

As a dispatcher at times I receive both complaint and compliment where the drivers are concerned.
Those rare complaints are swiftly dealt with and at times may even cost a driver their job.
Compliments are instantly passed to the driver upon receipt and we all move on.

Here are a few of those compliments worth mentioning:

"Your driver found and returned my cell phone without charge; he did take a small gratuity. Thank You!"

"Your driver carried my laundry up two flights of stairs making two trips; I wish I had more than a dollar to tip him." Thank you all so much!"

"Your driver saved my life. He saw me sliding into the intersection unable to stop. He halted, stopping traffic behind him as I skidded through the red light and into the intersection! I was unharmed, thank you, thank you!"

"Your driver stayed in the driveway lighting up my path with his headlights until I was up the walk and into the house. He then backed out and left. I hadn't even tipped him, he did it anyway. Thank you so much!"

“What a wild party! I couldn't even remember how I got home last night. After looking through my coat pockets I found a Katt's Taxi business card. Thank you Katt's!"

"Are you the Manager? Good. Last night I accidentally over payed your driver, she caught the mistake, pulled back into my driveway and returned the extra twenty. That was very cool of her, thank her again for me please!"

“Your driver saw that I was having car trouble and stopped to ask if he could assist. I borrowed his cell phone and called for a tow truck. I asked what I owed him, his response was,’ No charge.' Thanks again Katts!"

This is the cut of a Katt's Taxi driver, thanks guys.

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