Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Ability to Cut Short Conflict: 'Blessed is the Peacemaker'

I have been of the agnostic way of thinking for so many years that I'd forgotten the great life lessons that can come from scriptures. I am again looking into the philosophies. Be they Christian, Jewish, Muslim, agnostic, or atheist or even the force; here is a classic example of an ancient life rule that can only benefit the wise that practice it:
Blessed are the peacemakers - Those who strive to prevent contention, strife, and war; who use their influence to reconcile opposing parties, and to prevent lawsuits and hostilities in families and neighborhoods. Every man may do something of this; and no man is more like God than he who does it. There ought not to be unlawful and officious interference in that which is none of our business; but without any danger of acquiring this character, every man has many opportunities of reconciling opposing parties. Friends, neighbors, people of influence, lawyers, physicians, ministers of the gospel, may do much to promote peace. And it should be taken in hand in the beginning. "The beginning of strife," says Solomon, "is like the letting out of water."
 "An ounce of prevention," says the English proverb, "is worth a pound of cure."
 Long and most deadly quarrels might often be prevented by a little kind interference in the beginning.

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