Saturday, August 25, 2012

Texting: Twenty True Awkward Autocorrect Mistakes

Have you ever been caught in an autocorrect screw-up? I emagine everyone with this phone feature has from time to time.The safe thing to do is the obvious: CHECK YOUR WORK BEFORE SENDING IT!
 Here are a few autocorrect mistakes that I am sure you will be glad it wasn't you that made such a blunder!
Heading to the Beach now
Fun-wish I cld too. Im heading for the office now
Dang thats why Im telling figured you were working at home
I have been this morning but have to go to my lawyer and do some stud at the office :(
Hey Lex. I heard about Linda thru facebook Im soo sorry about your loss.
Shes with the angels now. The quote 'Only the good die young is so true..
Stay strong I know how Dead she was to you...
I miss you and DB xoxo
I meant to type Dear*****

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