Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Whimsical Consideration: Some of the Creator's Gifts are Hard to Recognise as Such :)

I heard the short version of this story from a young agnostic. I paraphrase it here.

Christ in Heaven was talking with one of his angelic advisers and asked:
"It's been a couple of thousand years on Earth since I was there, how many people are now living on the planet?"
"Right at seven billion souls inhabit the Earth, my Lord."
Christ smiled, “Well, isn't that nice! All those people living and loving in peace and harmony!"
"Uh, hmmm. Not really, Lord." The hesitant Arch Angel replied.
"Actually they have been warring, and killing each other for 2000 years almost non-stop."
"Yes, Lord, and as a matter of fact a great percentage of these wars and exterminations on Earth were done in the name of God."
"Uh, yes, My Lord."
"I don't understand those humans," said Christ as he slowly shook his head.
"I died down there, I gave them salvation, I gave them total forgiveness, I gave them immortality, I gave them the plant, I gave them domination over all the anim..."
"But Lord," interrupted the Angel, "they made the plant illegal." He went on, “They don't even use it for rope or for medicinal purposes anymore."
Christ was incredulous, “You’re telling me that Cannabis is not part of the plan?"
The Angel shook his head.
Christ groaned, “you know, I just don't understand those humans."

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