Sunday, September 30, 2012

Prof. Michio Kaku Accurately Predicts Scientific Future: New Predictions? Exciting New Technologies Ahead!

In his latest book, Physics of the Future, Kaku interviewed 300 top scientists, Nobel laureates and directors of laboratories, picking their brains for future inventions. Like this: a chip in our toilets that will detect cancer 10 years before a tumor forms by analyzing our urine and feces.
And this: computers that are embedded in everyday objects such as note pads and household appliances and accessed from a "cloud" that follows us.
Aging will be slowed or maybe even halted. New discoveries have pinpointed the mechanisms that cause aging, Kaku said. It's the buildup of genetic or cellular errors. Over time, skin cells start to get sluggish and no longer function properly and bones become brittle and hollow. Error-correcting mechanisms in cells start to fail. Targeting those mechanisms, Kaku said, could extend our lives.
Click image for more predictions from the world recognized professor of Quantum Mechanics
One of Michio Kaku’s theories is that aging will be slowed or stopped.

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