My Three Parents
My mother died 13 years ago this month at the very young
 age of 62. I can remember vividly how devastated we were.
 Me, my three siblings and our wonderful step father were
just stumbling around,lost without our beloved mother and
 matriarch.It was a long time before any of us came to terms
 with loosing her. Still, I don't think any of us is ever going to
be totally over it.
Those of us that were blessed to know Lu(Tootie)Workman/
Cox/Sizemore knew that she somewhat marched to the beat
 of a different drummer and led her immediate family as she
 seen fit.
Over her short lifetime mommy was two people:
 Lu Sizemore and Tootie Workman Cox.
Mom was married two times,first to my father for 23 years and
 to my stepfather for 24 years.(My Stepfather, is now
called 'Poppa.' Over the years he has certainly earned and
 commanded this honorific).Poppa is still right here with us.
 Upon visiting with him one would think that Mommy had just
 went down the street for a moment and will be back any time.
When asked about why he remains at the head of our family
and never moved on he simply says he is keeping a life promise
 of love to Mom. He hasn't so much as looked at another woman
 in 13 years. Mom was wise, she married a younger man the
 second time as if she knew that when she passed that we would
 still need a parental figure even as we all entered into our 50s.
 Thank god for my Pop!
Mom's ex-husband of 24 years, my father called to console me
the day Mom passed. My Daddy was sincerely hurt and he
 pained for his children as well. He said to me,"Oh son! I wish I
was with you right now. I would scoop all four of you up and hold
you all so tight!"
What a great man Carlos Cox,my father, was! He knew just what
to say! This was how we were going to get through these hurtful
times. We needed only to embrace each other and remember that
 the four of us was unique; we were still a family. Dad also passed
7 years later; another devastating blow to the four of us. Our lives
 are different and a little sad without them, but we consider the
 blessings of having them as parents
How can I ever live up to these three people?

  • KD Cox I wish I could've known granny and pappy more, but I'm very
     happy I still have you and poppa and sissy. I'm still shaken from what happened with poppa, I'm just thankful he's still here.
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  • Ruth Sizemore I just read most of this to Poppa, he was very moved
     by your words! Of course he corrected you,  he was married to 
    your mom for 24 years! Lu was not just my sister-in-law she was 
    my best friend! I miss her so much and her name comes up on an
     almost daily basis at this house!
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  • Ron Sizemore *wiping tears*
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  • Edith Howell Very moving
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  • Gary Cox I fixed the years thing,thanks Ruthie!
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  • Carla Cox Jarvis Love this tribute to mommy and daddy, I still miss
     them both so much, daddy also called me when mommy died and
     told me he wished he could just hold me tight. On this anniversary
     of mommy's death, I have to say "Mommy, I love you and miss you 
    so much!"
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  • David L. Cox Beautiful tribute, to three wonderful people, Gary your 
    words rekindle memories that give each of us, that know these three,
     a warm feeling and pleasant thoughts. Very nice, thanks.
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  • Charlene Wright Goff I remember Tootie as a beautiful, kind woman. 
    She was very kind to me as I was growing up in Whitman.
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  • Brenda Brewer Beautiful tribute to wonderful people, I miss your 
    Momma too, loved it when she'd come over for coffee it was too 
    short lived, and JD (Poppa) will never be forgotten as a wonderful
     neighbor too, he use to buy my daughter Charlena an ornament 
    every chri...See More
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  • Rush Cox If I get there first I'll tell them you all said Hi !
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  • Gary Cox

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