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From the Poetry Page: eleven never before published poems

As a writer I may not be the best, but I am versatile.  On this blog you can find three totally different types of books I've written and no two of them are anything alike. There is a short story compilation, a sci-fi novel and a non-fiction compilation of short stories and observations by the author. 

 The one thing I love to write is poetry. 

This is a very hard genre to publish so I usually feature my poetry in my 'odds and ends' articles. I have written dozens of poems over the years and find it a better way of recognizing good or bad emotion and finding a way to mentally process it.

Cindy's Web
My Sweet, my Inspiration,
My mind reels with anticipation.
My Heart wants to leap ahead.
With thoughts of perfect interaction,
And unending satisfaction,
My Heart cries love to my head.
My loin roars like the lion,
My libido rises as a mountain,
I dream of you in my bed.
My magnet, my draw,
My wants and awe,
My Heart leaps ahead.

In the Nick of Time

I was barely alive, but mostly dead.
Either at work or laying in my bed.
Thoughts of regret insistent in my head.
Trying to be happy is a hard trek to tread.
Smile on the outside hiding the dread.
Is the best behind me?
Have I been all I can be?
Failing to prosper haunting me.
No gods to listen, me they don't see.
Thinking of the noose hanging from the tree.
Pondering silently or screaming out loud.
Never admit it, thinking I'm too proud.
Always there screaming or whispering mild.
Cover my face with the blanket, pretend it's a shroud.
Thank heavens I don't own a gun.
No way to change things, nowhere to run.
Not making a joke here, not casting a pun.
Sucking the barrel would be way too fun.
Wearing shame as a coat, expecting the shun.
Then the phone began to ring!
Because she needs me my heart began to sing.
Could this change everything?
A new life it could bring.
Oh, thank heavens I avoided the sling!

    In My Shoes

Our life is on the edge of  being changed,
revamped, rebuilt, and rearranged.
Only for the good this can happen,
her life and mine overlappin'!
Turned to me and said,"I'm alone;as are you,
pleasing all else,for this we go through?"
"It matters not what they may think.
our happiness, fulfillment is on th' brink."
I agreed and for this I chance the change
is it responsible our love estranged?
I say, "No! It is my life to choose,
you'd do the same,walking in my shoes!"
Who could it hurt,who could it destroy?
Been there;done that. I'm not a boy.
I've turned into my lover a dear friend,
I once again feel alive! May it never end!I

Sweet Determination

I lay in the bed holding your pillow and think of our nights.
I see light at the end of our tunnels and it is white,bright!
So, there is hope, and your Hope agrees!
Making our choices easy as a summer breeze.
I know my poetry may not be your thing,
But my soul and heart just has to sing!
To express happiness again is so unexpected.
 I don't care if it is discovered or even suspected.
 I will only live once upon this Earth.
 The chance to again love gives me a rebirth!
 Come with me, here is my heart;take my hand,
We'll make them all envious when they understand.
In the end labels and barriers are all for the fool.
They will wish they were us and won't that be cool!

Her blue eyes were the pools in which my love reflected
Her soft clean blond hair was of an angel, I suspected.

Her face so beautiful and serene,
Her skin so soft and clean.

Her nape a tender sweet confection,
Her delicate lobes a concavement of perfection.

Her smooth, red lips craving interaction,
Her breasts mounds of firm, soft attraction.

Her perfect tummy punctuated with a tiny button,
Her rising mound a succulent bauble for the glutton.

Her natural blond was a hidden secret,
Her long thin legs I'll never forget.

Her tiny kissable feet,
Her hands soft and discreet.

Her love is more than I can stand,
Her every wish is my command!

Living Life

You see, when it came I came alive!
Again my life was filled with emotion.
The adventure gave rise to thrive
Toward that giddy heartbeat of commotion.

To feel the hope of a new love at my age,
Drove me to a persistent preoccupation.
In my life I was turning a positive page,
Giving me another chance to feel elation!

Experiencing the new emotions was great,
To have love stuff to share anew everyday.
Awakening excited to love prospects and anticipate,
That soft sweetness of desire she gave my way.

Settling together caused other emotions, a new feeling,
A couple must learn to live with the other and let live.
This type of emotion of hurt and healing,
Is knowing when to take and when to give.

Yet, all things must come to an end as did this,
Now my emotions are of the wearily estranged.
Even with my heart strained and my logic amiss,
I am alive!    Not a second  would I have changed!

All Used Up
Through those months my emotions were all screwy,
I felt alive and my heart beat! I knew what we needed to do. We
Needed to get  together fast and give it a real shot.
We were both alone concerning matters of the heart.
The Idea had real value and vigar, so why not?
We both thought it would turn out successful from the start.

We both planned to try to learn to love again, see?
We planned a positive note to be as happy as can be!
We came together found that we could probibly love,
But complications of life got in the way...
Our values were conflicted, vim went to push comes to shove,
 Misconceptions of each other became tears at the end of the day.

After awhile, with a sigh she opted to return to her old life,
The knowledge that she's gone can still pierces me like a knife!
In our empty apartment I rattle around like a pea in a can.
I feel like it came all too soon and went away just as fast,
I wanted it to work, but I took the loss like a man.
Still, she wasn't my first love, but she'll surely be my last.

The Reality of a Fantasy

We were wrapped up in the dreams and the fantasy,
Sometimes I felt so impatient I could bounce off the walls!
We had embarked on a new adventure; 'New Love' it seemed to me.
All my loneliness was averted by her anticipated calls!

We talked our talk of plans, schemes and dreams,
Hours and hours passed and still we talked on.
We'd talk all that love talk to extremes,it seems,
It was a happy, fulfilling path we both walked on.

Then finally came the day we'd be together forever,
The heady adrenalin coarse through every vein!
I'll have her bodily in my arms, the sooner the better!
We the attempted to create love with a gallant campaign.

Then the reality set in; new love was hard for two old friends.
Yet we both wanted it to work.
Still the differences and unpleasantness contends,
The doubt of success began to lurk.

It began with a bang and ended with a whimper.
The cold facts knocked us both for a loop.
It was turning out bad for me and her.
The time came to step back and regroup.

Now my friend is gone, still not ever really my lover,
And my old heart feels so damn cheated!
I think I prefer the fantasy over the other;
Dreaming a dream that is never completed.

 Heart Lingers

I knew she was slipping through my fingers,
And I knew I had to let her go.
Still that love emotion lingers,
But I won't let my true feelings show.

Oh,how I wanted things to go right,
But, with a sigh I relinquished my dream.
Lingering feelings fill up the night,
And failure seems to be the theme.

The feelings linger week after week,
I wonder when the pain will end.
I achingly wait for the sadness to peak,
Missing my lover and my friend.

When talking as friends we ponder the collapse,
Was it the timing or the conditions ?
The split-up lingers in our minds perhaps
leaving fear of failure unmentioned.

Should We try to repair this as a mistake?
My mind lingers on the thought.
What emotional repairs could I make?
Who's right,who's wrong, who should claim the fault?

I should just move on and so should she,
We both would be doing the right thing.
Still, ideas linger in my heart(where she toughed me),
Of what if anything the future might bring.

    To Kiss You

I guess I'll never be able to dismiss you,
Or the good and bad we've been through.
I know how it feels now to miss you,
I'll never forget how it felt to kiss you.

Would I ever do it again?
I'd do it all over again, my friend.
For all of it, my heart may never mend,
But, I would love just to kiss you again.

Because of it all I felt so alive.
My worn emotions began again to thrive!
In the end my ego took a hard dive.
Yet, on your kiss alone I could survive.

For through it all my old heart grew,
My hard-headedness  began to unscrew.
Even though it was releasing to be shed of you,
I'll never forget what I felt when I kissed you.

In my dreams I hear your voice say,"Hay."
In my mind your touch will always stay.
I granted you luck when you went away,
Still, for your kiss I wish for one more day.

In my lonely bed at night the cold air nips.
My new emotions damaged, broken and rips.
My mind runs over again our life's movie clips.
And I sigh as I envision just kissing your lips.

Severed Connections

Now my cell phone is an empty thing,
I remember the love it used to bring,
Now it seems to never ring.

I look at the phone as it lays there dead,
And memories of those long hours rush through my head,
But the still cell phone has conveyed all that needs said.

It was my connection to her; that old flip phone,
Even knowing better I listen for her ring tone,
But it lays there indifferent and still as a stone.

Silent, for her interests had eventually changed,
Now our lives are different and totally rearranged,
Those needy exchanges now broken and estranged.

The lonely hours craw with the silence and that's bad,
Missing the long hours we shared on the cell and that's sad,
Now from my mind I push the dead dreams that I had.

Just glancing at the cellie brings memories astir,
I expect no more happiness from it to occur,
Wait! A text is coming in, maybe it's her!

But it's a friend asking if I'm working today,
Its another small let down I must keep at bay,
How I wish this lost hope would just go away!


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