Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sheriff Walter E.(Eugene) Crum - The Death of A Hero

Mingo County Sheriff's Office, West Virginia
Sheriff Walter E. "Eugene" Crum - 30+ years dedicated to the People
End Of Watch: 04-03-13

Sheriff Eugene Crum, 59, was gunned down in broad daylight at point blank range in a deliberate assassination (details below). Born with a soul that has courage to wear the badge, Sheriff Crum had been Saving, Serving and Protecting the People for more than 30 years. Brother Eugene began his calling when he was sworn in with the Matewan Police Department, WV. and then the Delbarton Police Department. There, this True Blue Warrior devoted himself with dedication and with courage to make a difference in his small corner of the world ... and he did so with an unshakable commitment. Fellow Officers really liked working along side of this Brother. He was always upbeat and positive and made even the bad days seem not so bad. Anytime they were involved in an investigation and they did not 'get their man' right there, he kept everyone motivated with the attitude of 'no worries, we will get him tomorrow'. Brother Eugene never gave up on anything. Co-workers also loved his motivation to keep fit, both physically and mentally. He was big on training whenever he got the chance and encouraged his peers to do so as well. This Warrior knew they had to be ready for anything and everything at any time. Eugene was also very proactive in his community, going out of his way to ensure People knew how to keep themselves safe. His approachable, compassionate demeanor allowed the citizens to respect and trust this Officer, which in turn led to their assistance when called upon for information. He treated all with fairness and did his work with bravery and with benevolence.

Working his way up the ranks in the 18 years he was with DPD, Brother Eugene's innovative thinking and hands-on work made him the perfect choice for Chief Of Police, a rank he achieved. This was no sit-behind-a desk leader. He was down in the trenches working alongside his men at every chance he got. Chief Crum looked out for them and shared his experiences so they could learn from and hone their skills to become the best Law Enforcement Officer they could be. 12 years ago, Chief Crum left the Delbarton PD to become a Magistrate for the Mango County Judiciary Office. Brother Eugen held a great passion for helping folks stay off of drugs and this became his main focus. This Warrior was responsible for implementing Operation Zero Tolerance, a task force comprised of multiple agencies to crack down on the drug trade. In January of this year, the People of Mingo County wanted, and received, Eugene Crum as their new Sheriff. His dedication to making the County a safer and brighter place to live was welcomed by the citizens and they were grateful for him. Greeting each morning with a smile and enthusiasm that lasted throughout the day, Sheriff Crum was a joy to encounter, often leaving you laughing with his amazing sense of humor. He made the People feel important and that they mattered to him .. because they truly did.

Even when not in uniform, Sheriff Crum often spent time driving around the county to keep up on what was happening where. But it was his time spent with his wife and children that gave him the greatest joy. Oh how he ate up being a grandpa too! This Son, Husband, Father, and Brother of Blue will be remembered for Living As Only A Hero Could. May we continue his legacy but ensuring we pick up where he left off and his fight to keep the People safe from drugs, as we continue to create our own legacies. A Hero who will be missed by so very many ... so few will forget the day he was taken from us all too soon ...

Just after noon today, Sheriff Crum was sitting in his SUV about a block away from the Courthouse. The Sheriff often ate his lunch in this manner to make the most of all time spent in uniform. On this day, he parked near a building that was a known previous pill mill to watch for any activity. A vehicle pulled up, the driver exited and walked up to the Sheriff's car . As Sheriff Crum rolled-down his window to assist, he was shot four times at point blank range to the head and upper body. Witnesses called immediately for help as the shooter fled. A Police pursuit ensued and when the suspect's vehicle became disabled, the driver exited and opened fire on the Officers. The Police shot the suspect, who is now in custody being treated. Sadly, this was to be our Brother's final battle ... Sheriff Walter Eugene Crum succumbed to his wounds and was pronounced.

Eugene leaves behind his beloved bride, children and grandchildren. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Crum family, the Men and Women of the Mingo County SO, the Mingo Magistrate's Office, the Delbarton PD, the Matewan PD, the West Virginia State Police, and to all whom have had the pleasure and the privilege of knowing and working along side this True Blue Hero.

Our Brother, as you now look down from the Heavens, may you continue your vigilant watch over us all as we carry on in the battles to come ... In Our Brother's Honor. We thank you for your service and for your sacrifice. We thank you for your life. Job Well Done Sir.

Rest In Peace Sheriff Walter E. "Eugene" Crum ... We Have The Watch From Here. SALUTE!

~written by Nessie for
copyright2013 TrueBlueWarriors/Nessie

Suspected Cop Killer, Tennis Melvin Maynard, 37, in custody - charges pending. This is an ongoing investigation and we will update.

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