Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween: Truth can be scarier and weirder than fiction

Some say I'm a little obsessed with death, It just might be that I've had it ironically accure in such chillingly different manners than one would expect. Happy Halloween!   

                                                   Passing Irony

My Great Grandfather Poppy Cox died on my Grandmother’s (his daughter-in-law) birthday.
Three of my childhood friends died in the same way; Billy Minor drowned,
Rod Lawson drowned, Little Rick drowned, in the same lake, within a 10 month period.
All of them were 19 years old.
My ex-brother-in-law died on his son's birthday, Ron sr., Ron jr
My Father gave me his watch as a gift in 2003 I wore it until 2008 when my Father died.
The watch after keeping perfect time for 5 years stopped at , the minute of the day my Father died.
My Uncle Roy died and left my mother a fairly large sum of money, Mother said she would
 spend all the inheritance on her family before she died. Mom spent the last of the money
 then died 2 years later on the exact day and month my uncle died.
In 1946 my Great Uncle Perry waved goodbye to his family and got on an Airplane, he never reached his destination and was never heard from again.(family tragedy, talked about only in whispers)
My boss and good friend died in a car crash when he was t-boned by a motorcycle driven by another friend of mine, he died also. Will Ward (cyclist) used to work for Shak, my boss.
My cousin Doll, My Father, My Aunt Geneva, My Boss, My friend Will, and my favorite cousin
Susan's husband Bob all died in a 12 month period.

I have lost 16 relatives in 10 years.


Little Rick Evans-drowned 79
Rod Lawson-drowned 79
Billy Minor-drowned 79
Joe Slater-suicide 79
Sherry Hill-suicide O.D. ex-gf 79
Tex Dillon-stabbed 80
David Hall-suicide gun shot 82
Dave Robinson-O.D.85
Gary Goldinger-gun shot 87
Teresa Hammond-gun shot ex-gf 88
Sonny Flowers-cancer 96
Robby Beavers-aids related 96
Danny Crum-car accident 97
Will Ward-cycle accident 09
Shakil Rahimbux-car accident 09
Russell Keys-heart attack 10
Herman Bennett-stroke 11

My Great-Great Grandfather died when he was 60, my Great Grandfather 65,
my Grandfather 70,my Father 75.
Trying to keep a sum what more positive thought; maybe I'll live to be 80.

Famous People that died on my birth date-June 22

Comedian George Carlin-2008
Columnist Ann Landers-2002
Actor/Dancer Fred Astaire-1987
Dorothy of Wizard of Oz Judy Garland-1969
First Lady Pat Nixon-1993
Chess Master/Champion Paul Morphy-1884
Pope Innocent V-1276

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