Monday, January 5, 2015

Revisited: Camile Fontaine, Hawaiian Artist and Friend

This is one of my long lost friends from my youth. Camile went to art school on Hilton Head Island where I met her painting a seascape outside my villa.
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She took to me as a child to a father. She even called me Daddy as a nick name. I protected her and encouraged her to do what she loved. She hitch hiked across the country with me 'to experience it's natural beauty'. For 2500 miles she was fearless and relentless as we traveled as the hippies we were. She was wide eyed the whole time. I knew she would do well in life. When her time came she left me, her rambling, dancing long haired gnome behind(as she should have) and went back to what she called the most beautiful place in the world Kauai, Hawaii to paint and create. And what creations she has produced!
They are beautiful as is she.

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