Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mega Millions: By the Numbers, Is There a System to Winning?

Friday's drawing is now estimated to be a cool half-billion dollars.
How bad are the odds of you winning the $500 million Mega Millions prize? Much worse than you can possibly imagine.
With Friday's Mega Millions drawing worth at least $500 million (the pot grew by $24 million overnight), millions of other people will be buying tickets.
The lottery group says the odds of winning with a single ticket are currently at 176 million to 1.
To be sure, people have won lotteries before with equally staggering odds.
But is there any way to make the odds tilt your way even if it is infinitesimally small?
The Internet and google search is full of sites giving advice, selling good luck, or selling books on the subject.
Here I simply offer you the winning numbers over the last 25 Mega Millions drawings.
Is there a pattern or numbers 'due to come up' here? If you're going to find it you will probably find it here. Look them over and good luck!

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